NYAKÈ Fashion Show 
(December 14th, 2017)
   What more entertaining than a fashion show to close-up Art Basel Miami week?That's exactly how we decided to end our exhibition week: organizing the first "N.Y.A.K.È. Fashion Show" to showcase the lately released collection of our  Designers-Partners.


We would like to give a special THANKKKKS to all our partners (Ofcoursemiami Business, The Magic City LivingMaeva Lefèvre , MPP Creative and the Meraki Greek Bistro) for their endless support and involvment in making our Basel Miami event a big succes!

  Hard work does pay off  !!

Click here to discover the pictures of the event.

NYAKÈ Art Basel Exhibition 
(December 7th-10th, 2017)
Thanks to the sponsorship of Brigitte Clément (Ofcoursemiami Business) and the support of Imara Kataainama (The Magic City Living blog), Maeva Lefèvre (Model Coach) and MPP Creative (Communication Agency), we co-hosted our first Art Show at the Meraki Greek Bistro during 

A wonderful occasion to showcase a selection of the amazing art pieces created by French African-Caribbean Artists such as Myriam Maxo, Massira Keita, Alif King, Fred Ebami and Alexis Peskine

Click here to discover the pictures of the event.





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